What Are Dental Implants?

A single dental implant is also referred to by its clinical reference as an endosseous implant. But the layman could be referring to the dental implant in Grandville as a fixture or surgical component. This dental structure is required to interface with the bone of the patient’s jaw or skull in order to support a pending dental prosthesis. This again is the clinical reference to the more widely known bridge, crown or denture.

Another clinical reference is that of a facial prosthesis. This is designed to act as an orthodontic anchor. The process that unravels is known as osseointegration. A preferred material being used is that of titanium. It is proving to be effective in forming the required bond to the patient’s bone. Initially, the implant needs to be placed in order to encourage osseointegration. This is done before the dental prosthetic is added.

Thereafter, healing time will be required. This is necessary before the dental prosthetic can be added. The prosthetic will ultimately be attached to the implant. The implant is designed to hold the dental prosthetic in place. While success rates of this procedure are generally good, these still hinge on the overall health of the patient. The intake of drugs or prescribed medication for underlying conditions could very well negatively impact or complicate the required process of osseointegration.

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It could also have a lasting impact on the health of tissues in the mouth. The presiding practitioner also needs to evaluate the projected amount of stress that needs to be placed on the new implant during normal functioning, particularly during eating. Accurate planning and preparation remains critical to the long-term health of the prosthetic. Herein was your brief introduction to dental implants.

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