What Foods Should I Avoid After an Implant Procedure?

After having a procedure to place their dental implants in their mouth, some patients might be wondering what exactly they can eat and what they should avoid. While it is common knowledge that you will probably want to stock up on plenty of soft foods as you recover from your implant procedure, you might not be so clear on some of the other things that you should be avoiding as you recover.

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When your dental implant in Florence procedure is complete, you might think about keeping some of the following information in mind so you know what you should be avoiding while you recover. The good news is that this won’t be a permanent situation, simply during your recovery phase. In 2 to 6 months, your implant sites should be fully healed up, allowing you to go back to eating all of your favorite foods just like you used to do with your natural teeth.

You should plan on avoiding anything that is tough, such as any kind of steaks or uncooked vegetables.  Chewy foods could also mess with your implant sites as you recover, so make sure you aren’t eating gummy candies or similar snacks. Anything crunchy could also have the potential to agitate your implant sites, so you will want to avoid things like popcorn and potato chips as you recover.

You should focus on making sure you are stocked up on soft, easy to chew foods as you recover from your implant procedure. Baked and mashed potatoes, soft breakfast items like pancakes and waffles, and other soft choices are going to be your best friends in the edible world as you work to recover.

It won’t be long before you are fully healed up and ready to go back to eating like you normally would, so take your time, heal up, and when fully recovered, enjoy your new dental implants to their full capacity.